About the tour:

Thorsmork is „must see“ during your stay in Iceland. Dicover the mysteries of Thorsmörk on this journey to the popular Thorsmork Nature Reserve at the foot of the famous Eyjafjallajökull Glacier/Volcano. This trip entails many exciting river crossing. Thorsmörk is a valley situated between the rivers Krossa, Thronga and Markarfljot. The surrounding mountains are themselves cut with small valleys, gullies and dells.

42.000 kr. pr. person – if two are on quad bike
53.000 kr. pr. person – if one is on quad bike


  • We have insulated cover-all, helmet, balaclava face mask and warm gloves for you. Boots available upon request.

What to bring:

  • You bring warm clothes under the cover-all and your camera.

Good to know:

Our ATV’s are registered, as on road vehicles and we are therefore able to offer you many variations of tours and activities – if you got a valid driver licence. They are automatic and easy to drive, so no experience is needed. We do tours from 2 hours up to a whole day adventure and the tours are available all days – all year round! All trips can be tailored to your skill level – from complete beginners all the way up to very experienced drivers.


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